In the following are a number of issues that typically surface. Although the list is not comprehensive, please watch out for them anyway.


  • It is your responsibility to fulfill the formal requirements of theses at the TUM Math department.
  • You can use any citation style that is regularly used in statistics publications.
  • Make clear what figures are taken from other sources.


  • Don't copy from publications senselessly but explain with your own words.
  • Keep external figures to a minimum.
  • Make sure everything you mention, every figure, every table is actually relevant to your topic.
  • Every figure and table should be self-contained to a reasonable degree. That means their labels and caption should make them understandable (also explaining abbreviations) without reading the surrounding text.


  • Try not to write in a textbook style, e.g. bullet points, many subtitles etc.
  • Your thesis is a scientific work, consider it as such. See scientific publications and PhD theses for suitable examples. (PhD theses at the TUM)
  • Every figure has to be explained in the text.
  • After a paragraph use either an empty line or an indentation, not both.
  • Context is good, but don't forget that you're writing a math thesis and not a biology/sociology/... paper.