Applications in Data Science

'Applications in Data Science' is a journal club for students of any field and anyone interested in new and compelling techniques in data science, machine learning, and statistics with a focus on their application. The participants each present a publication or project of their choosing and together engage in discussions of the presented topics.

Discover new methods

Data science is a dynamic and fast changing field. Learn and explore new approaches to apply in your projects, work, or theses.

Learn about different application fields

The results of statistics and machine learning are wanted in many fields. Find out about their approaches and their significance.

Improve your presentation skills

The journal club gives you the opportunity to present a topic of your choosing without any pressure and to receive feedback from your peers.



  • Each presenter only has 15-20 minutes for their topic.
  • The presentation of theory and application should each take no longer than 10 minutes.
  • The audience will have various backgrounds, so the theory should be as specific as necessary but as simplified as possible.
  • It follows a short discussion among the participants and a feedback round.
  • Two presentations are planned for each meeting.
  • The preliminary date for the journal club will be on Tuesdays 3pm, starting on November 3rd.
  • Since there will be no grading, participation on each date is completely voluntary.
  • The journal club is planned to be held online over Zoom.



The following are only suggestions, anything relevant according to the above description is welcome.


If you are interested, send a mail to gregor.miller (at) If you want to participate you can already include a publication you want to present and your preferred date.