Grants and Research

Funding Agency Project
BMWI Frischfleisch in Schutzgasverpackungen
Rekonstruktion der Verderbskinetik
Funded by BMWI (2013-2015)
erc Latent Causes - ERC Starting Grant
"Sytematically extending existing models"
Funded by the European Research Council (2011-2015)
MIMOmics MIMOmics
"Methods for integrated analysis of multiple omics datasets"
Funded by EU (2012-2017)
BMBF e:Med - AtheroMed
"Systems medicine of myocardial infarction and stroke"
Funded by BMBF (2013-2016)
BMBF e:Med - IntegraMent
"Integrated, systems-based approach for pathway analysis in psychiatric disease"
Funded by BMBF (2014-2016)
BMBF e:Med - SYS-Stomach
"Identification of predictive response and resistance factors to targeted therapy in gastric cancer using a systems medicine approach"
Funded by BMBF (2014-2017)
Virtual Liver Network Virtual Liver Network
"Integration of signalling pathways in hepatocellular response"
Funded by BMBF (2011-2015)
LungSys II LungSys II
"Dynamical features of early metastatic spread and therapeutic options"
Funded by BMBF (2012-2015)
DFG miRNA and RNA-Binding Proteins (SPP 1395, InKoMBio)
"miRNA as integral part of cell communication: context based target and network prediction and experimental validation"
Funded by DFG (2014-2015)
DFG Mixed Models in Cell Communication and Cancer (SPP 1395, InKoMBio)
"Generic concepts and information theoretic principles in cell-cell communication"
Funded by DFG (2014-2015)
DFG Stem Cell Genealogies
"Inference of differentiation decisions from stem cell genealogies"
Funded by DFG (2014-2016)
QBM QBM - Quantitative Biosciences Munich
The Graduate School is a joint initiative by leading scientists from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, the Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry, and the Helmholtz Center Munich
BioSysNet BioSysNet
"Quantification of regulatory mechanisms on the transcriptional level based on time-lapse microscopy of differentiating stem cells"
Funded by Bavarian Research Network for Molecular Biosystems (2009-2017)