Biomathematics, Statistics and Informatics Seminar

Lecturer Fabian Theis, Donna Ankerst, Johannes Müller, Burkhard Rost and Julien Gagneur
Room MI 00.09.022
Time 12:15 - 13:45


This seminar focuses on the solution of real world problems in biology, medicine and epidemiology from the interdisciplinary collaboration of biomathematics, statistics and informatics. Master and PhD students from both the M12 and IN12 division programs have the opportunity to present their work and receive feedback from both within and across disciplines. Topics range from big data problems in computational biology, spatial temporal modeling of epidemiology and clinical trial design.

Time Table

19th October 2016 Fabian Theis Data science in biomedical research -
some examples and discussion of future directions
26th October 2016 David Dillmann &
Donna Ankerst
2nd November 2016

Katharina Selig

Daniel Bader

Longitudinal data, clustering and multivariate outcome prediction: First ideas for the Hamburg prostatectomy prediction project

Genetic diagnosis of Mendelian disorders via RNA sequencing

9th November 2016

Jan Hasenauer

Ziga Avsec

Pushing the boundaries of data-driven mechanistic modeling

CONCISE: COnvolutional neural Network for CIS-regulatory Elements with application to RNA stability

16th November 2016

Lisa Bast

Chris Mertes

Model selection: infer division strategies of cell types involved in adult neurogenesis from clonal data

The discovery of splice defects in rare diseases

23th November 2016

Julien Gagneur

Jun Cheng

Genetic basis of gene regulation: genome-wide models and applications to diagnosis

Sequence features explain most of the mRNA stability variation across genes

30th November 2016

Eva Stadler

Georg Stricker

Plasmid distribution via Vertical Gene Transfer

GenoGAM: Genome-wide generalized additive models for ChIP-Seq analysis

7th December 2016 Judith Cerit Cell Lineage in the Microenvironment-driven Emergence of Resistance
14th December 2016

Leonhard Wachutka

Donna Pauler Ankerst

Inference of RNA kinetic rates in human

The Importance of Recalibration and Irrelevance of the Area-Underneath-the-Receiver-Operating-Characteristic (AUC) curve for risk prediction

21st December 2016

Vincente Yepez

David Fischer

Using Oxygen Consumption Rates to find mitochondrial dysfunction

Differential gene expression analysis in pseudotime

11th January 2017

Simone König &
Donna Ankerst

Basak Eraslan

Statistical Recalibration Techniques with Application to Survival Analysis in Gastric Cancer

Quantification of cis element effects on post-transcriptional gene regulation

18th January 2017 Jochen Wolf Speciation Genomics in Natural Populations
1st February 2017 Matthias Heinig From genetic and epigenetic variation to regulatory networks
8th February 2017 Frank Johannes Rate and spectrum of spontaneous epimutations