Welcome to the ERGO Center of Excellence in Insurance!

„Cogito ERGO sum! I think, therefore I am!"
(René Descartes)

With the newly founded "ERGO Center of Excellence in Insurance" on 1 November 2017, ERGO and the Chair of Financial Mathematics of the Technical University of Munich break new ground together.

The cooperation aims at scientifically analyzing current topics of the insurance industry and developing and implementing outstanding solutions. The knowledge and technologies gained help our business partner and enhance the scientific relevance and the attractiveness of teaching of the Chair of Financial Mathematics.

In the area of "Education" new lectures and courses expand the range of services in Actuarial Mathematics.

In the areas of "Research" and "Publication" the development of new methods of financial- and actuarial research is supported by the financing of doctorates and visiting professors.

Finally the developed innovations are imparted in "Workshops".

We look forward to this fascinating project. Please find further information in the individual sections.


Mission Statement

The "ERGO Center of Excellence in Insurance" is an innovative research center of the Technical University of Munich. The Center develops and implements outstanding solutions in the area of Financial- and Actuarial Mathematics. We thereby focus on challenging problems from practice. Our solutions are based on state-of-the-art methods of financial- and actuarial research. We aim at rendering trend-setting inputs to advance Financial- and Actuarial Mathematics as well as Risk Management.