ERGO Experience Stories Part 3: Working Student @ Machine Learning Team – Mario

1.      What is your relationship with ERGO and how did you get in touch with them?

I first heard of ERGO at the Meet My Company event of the department of Mathematics of the TUM. Jürgen Schmitz, CEO of ERGO China, came to give a talk which I attended and enjoyed. I got in contact with him and with Dr. Linus Geil, head of Global Human Resources at ERGO. Afterwards, I participated in the ERGO Machine Learning Workshop in Düsseldorf.

2.      What is your job at ERGO or what do you do as part of the TUM ERGO cooperation?

Now I am working as a HiWi in the Chair of Financial Mathematics of the TUM in a project in collaboration with ERGO. We are trying to improve claim prediction with modern machine learning techniques.

3.      What is your academic background?

I have a double bachelor in physics and mathematics, and I am currently in my third semester of the master program Mathematics in Science and Engineering at the TUM.

4.      What do you look for in an employer and what aspects are important to you in your professional life?

International environment, involvement in different projects with big impact in society, open mentality for innovations and research.

5.      What do you like most about ERGO?

ERGO looks to be a big and traditional insurance company but it also strives for modernization. This is made evident from the TUM ERGO cooperation, and by the promotion of events such as the Machine Learning Workshop.

Personally, I also like the fact that ERGO is a leading German company which has remarkable presence in other countries which are important for me: Spain and China.

6.      Which experience with or at ERGO was most remarkable to you?

I really enjoyed the talk by Jürgen Schmitz at the Meet My Company event at the TUM. He gave insights into the insurance world with particularities about China. It was most enlightening.

7.      What do you plan to do or achieve in 2020 in your personal life that might surprise your interviewer?

I plan to prepare and pass the HSK 6 exam. It is the highest qualification of Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language. I recently passed HSK 5 and I am ready to start preparing the last level.

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