Probability on Graphs in summer term 2014


Tuesdays 14:15-15:45 at room 3.5.06 (Hochrück-Seminarraum 3)

Start: 8th April 2014

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Nina Gantert
Prerequisites: Probability Theory. A link to the lecture notes of Prof. Gantert's Probability Theory lecture is available here.
Content: Probabilistic models on graphs are present in many areas, e.g. biology, physics and sociology. In the course several classes of such models will be discussed, e.g. random walks and their connection with electrical networks, percolation, and random graphs.

G. Grimmett (2010): Probability on graphs, Cambridge University Press, New York / Melbourne / Madrid / Cape Town / Singapore / Sao Paulo / Delhi / Dubai / Tokyo.

R. van der Hofstad (2013): Random Graphs and complex networks. Lecture Notes.

R. Lyons and Y. Peres (1997): Probability on trees. Lecture Notes.

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Mondays, 14:15-15:45 at 0.01.16 (Hochbrück-Hörsaal 1)

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Tal Orenshtein

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