Latest Publications

  • Czado C. (2019)
    Analyzing Dependent Data with Vine Copulas
    Springer International Publishing  [link]
  • Zhu, K., Kurowicka, D. and Nane, G. F. (2020)
    Common sampling orders of regular vines with application to model selection
    Computational Statistics & Data Analysis [link]
  • Chang, B. and Joe, H. (2019)
    Prediction based on conditional distributions of vine copulas
    Computational Statistics & Data Analysis [link]
  • Carrera, D., Bandeira, L., Santana, R. and Lozano, J. A. (2019)
    Detection of sand dunes on Mars using a regular vine-based classification approach
    Knowledge-Based Systems [link]
  • Torre, E., Marelli, S., Embrechts, P. and Sudret, B. (2019)
    A general framework for data-driven uncertainty quantification under complex input dependencies using vine copulas
    Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics [link]
  • Chang, B., Pan, S. and Joe, H. (2019)
    Vine copula structure learning via Monte Carlo tree search
    Proceedings of Machine Learning Research [link]
  • Kreuzer, A. and Czado, C. (2019)
    Bayesian inference for dynamic vine copulas in higher dimensions
  • Kreuzer, A., Dalla Valle, L. and Czado, C. (2019)
    Bayesian Multivariate Nonlinear State Space Copula Models
  • Acar, E. F., Czado, C. and Lysy, M. (2019)
    Flexible Dynamic Vine Copula Models for Multivariate Time Series Data
    Econometrics and Statistics [link]
  • Czado, C., Ivanov, E. and Okhrin, Y. (2019)
    Modelling temporal dependence of realized variances with vines
    Econometrics and Statistics [link]
  • Kreuzer, A., Dalla Valle, L. and Czado, C. (2019)
    A Bayesian Non-linear State Space Copula Model to Predict Air Pollution in Beijing
  • Kreuzer, A. and Czado, C. (2019)
    Efficient Bayesian inference for univariate and multivariate non linear state space models with univariate autoregressive state equation

Workshops and Conferences


  • The book "Analyzing Dependent Data with Vine Copulas" by Claudia Czado has been published: see [link]
  • An Interview with Claudia Czado: see [link]


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